All About Bandar Judi Bola

Having been introduced to poker by a friend and learning to play it for fun, I realized that this game is actually a very interesting way of learning how one’s expressions can be used to get in their head and why having a poker face is important. With online poker being introduced on the internet, there has been a vast increase in the no. of poker players worldwide. As playing poker online is a very similar experience as playing bandar judi bola in the poker room or casino, it, in fact, gives a very lifelike experience.

The line of difference

In poker, a player gets two cards and there are five cards kept on the table. They have to raise or fold cards depending on how good those cards are. Online poker, of course, is the same. But how is bandar judi bola different from lifelike poker?

Bandar Judi Bola

It’s the audience, usually the people playing online are younger on average, and they have to be more careful with the money. You need an average of $300-$400 to just sit in the live game. And that’s a, in fact, amount of money for young people. To add upon that currency issues, poker being a very serious game deals in huge amounts of money, and with online poker people from different corners of the world can come on one platform and play, which can create a lot of currency-related issues.


The earliest online poker game goes back to the 1990s, where the first free poker card game was introduced. With that there has only been an increase in the poker business online. Whether it be Sporting bet, the biggest video game company in 2004, taking over for a whopping $340 million, or very recently the PokerStars becoming the largest company in the poker business when David Baazov a businessman took over the company in about $4.9 billion.

But how does this big industry earning billions of dollars make money?

Just like conventional poker earns money through rakes, online poker also gets its money through rakes. Rake is a fee or a commission taken by the people operating the poker game. It can tally between 2.5-10% of the total amount of the pot, of course,depending on how large the bet is and the rules of the poker room.

Online poker didn’t just break the ground in the videogame industry but is one of the highest revenue-making businesses.