Massage parlour in Prague – we’re talking erotic here. What are those places really like?

While the Czech capital is famous for many things, most people don’t really think of massage parlours  – let alone the erotic ones – when they hear the word Prague. Yet there they are. And they’re not going anywhere. If you’re curious what are these places like, then this article will hopefully help to shed some light on this matter.

Massage parlours that are not like the visit to your therapist…

To make things clear – these places offer some rather erotic services on top of your massage. But, and this is important to stress, they are not brothels. You can’t hope to get direct sex there – not even oral. But you will get the so-called “happy ending” (meaning orgasm) as part of the package. This will be performed by hand only again – don’t expect any direct sexual service.

Where to find these places?

While they may not advertise themselves from miles away, they are no secret clubs either. As always, Google is your friend, and a simple search will reveal plenty of them, dotted around the city, though most of them are located in and around the city centre. Contacting one of these salons to make a booking can be simply done by phone or email; a lot of these places also have an online chat feature on their websites. Keep in mind that often, you don’t have to make a direct visit if something’s keeping you. A perfectly valid option is an escort, where you can call a masseuse directly to your place – hotel room, an office, or your own home.

How do these places look like?

A lot of them are open nonstop, and employ a regular number of masseuses and masseurs to cater to all sorts of clientele. Some may even offer gay and lesbian erotic massages. Inside, you will typically find a reception, where you will be greeted, a number of comfortable equipped rooms, which offer enough privacy for your massage, a bathroom and showers. Some parlours go even beyond that, and feature a private bar, sauna or Jacuzzi.

Is the whole thing legal?

 As for the legality of these places, they still operate within the limits of the Czech law, and even though some may be pushing the boundary here and there, no legal actions have been taken against any of these places – and definitely not against one of the customers there. Generally, an erotic massage is regarded as a consensual pact between two adults.

With that said – what kind of service can one expect there?

The offer of individual parlours may vary, but in general, the following massages are a mainstay in most of them:

  •   Swedish / Classical. Most people would be familiar with Swedish massage and its benefits – here is a quick overview for those who don’t know this procedure. In parlours of this sort, you can expect this service to come with an added erotic bonus.
  •   Nuru. The famous body-to-body massage, which features close body contact and is brimming with erotic tension. You can find more about nuru here.
  •   Tantra. A procedure originating in India, but the version performed by most of contemporary parlours incorporates some modern physiotherapeutic techniques as well.
  •   Prostate stimulation. Obviously a men thing – professional stimulation of the prostate gland can result in unexpected pleasure!
  •   A lot of salons, trying to one up each other, usually devise their own, special massages. These can vary in quality, but mostly make up for a great service!

A final tip before you decide this is the thing for you – keep an eye out on discounts! Many salons have their “happy hours”, during which you can save some money on selected services.

What’s your take on the erotic massages industry? Would you consider a visit to one of these parlours? Why or why not? Which of the massages we mentioned would you choose? Let us know in the comment section!